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A multimedia applications processor is fabricated using a 28nm low-power process technology for ultra-low-power applications. Based on a 4-issue, 32-register version of the TMS320C64x+ VLIW DSP, this System on Chip (SoC) includes 32kB L1 and 128kB L2 caches, and I2S, SPI, UART, MultiMediaCard, and external memory interfaces (Fig. 7.5.1). The design(More)
For CMOS feature size of 65 nm and below, local (or intra-die or within-die) variations in transistor Vt contribute stochastic variation in logic delay that is a large percentage of the nominal delay. Moreover, when circuits are operated at low voltage (Vdd ≤ 0.5V), the standard deviation of gate delay becomes comparable to nominal delay, and the(More)
—When CMOS is operated at a supply voltage of 0.5V and below, Random Dopant Fluctuations (RDFs) result in a stochastic component of logic delay that can be comparable to the nominal delay. Moreover, the Probability Density Function (PDF) of this stochastic delay can be highly non-Gaussian. The Non-Linear, Operating Point Analysis of Local Variations(More)