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AIM Genetic testing in the epilepsies is becoming an increasingly accessible clinical tool. Mutations in the sodium channel alpha 1 subunit (SCN1A) gene are most notably associated with Dravet syndrome. This is the first study to assess the impact of SCN1A testing on patient management from both carer and physician perspectives. METHOD Participants were(More)
For results from a randomised trial to be relevant to practice it is important that the needs of the end users of the trial, health care professionals, policymakers and patients are considered. Key aspects of a trial need to reflect how the intervention would be implemented. PRECIS-2 is an innovative way to display information about a trial's design, using(More)
BACKGROUND Cluster randomised trials (CRTs) are commonly analysed using mixed-effects models or generalised estimating equations (GEEs). However, these analyses do not always perform well with the small number of clusters typical of most CRTs. They can lead to increased risk of a type I error (finding a statistically significant treatment effect when it(More)
Recruitment to clinical trials is problematic with many failing to recruit to target and within time. Embedding recruitment trials within effectiveness trials may provide a successful way to improve this. There are no guidelines for reporting such embedded trials. As part of the Systematic Techniques for Assisting Recruitment to Trials (START) project(More)
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