Gordon Falconer

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OBJECTIVES To determine whether relative vitamin D deficiency during the winter months contributes to age-related bone loss and whether rates of change in hard- and soft-tissue mass vary during the year. DESIGN Double-blind, placebo-controlled, 1-year trial in 249 women in which equal numbers of women were randomized to either placebo or 400 IU of vitamin(More)
We conducted a study to determine whether increasing vitamin D intake above the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of 5.0 micrograms (200 IU)/d reduces bone loss in healthy postmenopausal women residing at latitude 42 degrees N. In this double-blind, randomized 2-y trial, we enrolled 247 healthy ambulatory postmenopausal women who consumed an average of(More)
One hundred samples of amniotic fluid were obtained by amniocentesis from 82 patients at different stages of normal and abnormal pregnancies. The concentration of lecithin was estimated together with the volume of the amniotic fluid, using the dilution technique. Thus the total quantity of lecithin in any amniotic sac could be calculated. While confirming(More)