Gordon E Powers

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The successful elimination of pathogenic cells and microorganisms by the humoral immune system relies on effective interactions between host immunoglobulins and Fc gamma receptors on effector cells, in addition to the complement system. Essential Ig motifs that direct those interactions reside within the conserved IgG lower hinge/CH2 interface. We noted(More)
Many different systems of bacterial interactions have been described. However, relatively few studies have explored how interactions between different microorganisms might influence bacterial development. To explore such interspecies interactions, we focused on Bacillus subtilis, which characteristically develops into matrix-producing cannibals before(More)
A testing machine to study fracture gap motion ex vivo was devised. The apparatus permits direct measurement of bending and shear at a fracture site under different loading conditions. Using this device the single and double frame Hoffmann external fixateurs were compared to a Küntscher medullary nail. Shear displacements of (0.4-1.7 mm) were observed for(More)
To assess the impact of manufacturing changes on antibody structure and function during the course of product development, three comparability studies were performed for each of two different IgG1 monoclonal antibody product candidates. Comparability study #1 evaluated the effect of changing the cell line and bulk drug substance manufacturing process for(More)
The effects of calcium channel blockers on water transport in the rat ileum and distal colon were studied in vivo using the single-pass perfusion technique. Parenteral but not intraluminal verapamil, and parenteral nifedipine increased ileal water absorption, with effects lasting at least 60 min. In contrast, i.p. verapamil had no effect on rat distal(More)
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