Gordon E. Hunt

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Canavanine is an arginine analogue found in the seeds of many common legumes and is known to inhibit protein synthesis and growth in a number of organisms. Yet canavanine may comprise as much as 4% of the seed dry weight of the jackbean (Canavalia ensiformis). Canavanine is accumulated during earlier development in the pod, but disappears upon ripening. A(More)
Pericarp disks from the fruit of the jackbean (Canavalia ensiformis) when exposed to 14CO2 for 2 days carried out photosynthesis and the canavanine extracted from the tissue was labeled with the radioisotope. When beef liver arginase was allowed to react with this canavanine the products were homoserine, canaline, urea and an unknown compound. The activity(More)
For the first time measurements in the multiple scattering regime of the diffuse reflectivity as a function of single scattering albedo have been made in a geometry that may be simulated by a plane parallel atmosphere of large optical depth. A comparison between the measurements and a theoretical computation of the diffuse reflectivity is presented. The(More)
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