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The authors update a novel method recently utilized in humans with various CNS pathology for stereotactic localization, removal, and adjuvant therapy of small CNS lesions using additional computer processing of the date from a GE 8800 CT Scanner. Multiple computer algorithms developed at Cal Tech enhance regions of interest by filtering, magnifying,(More)
The authors describe a newly designed and utilized stereotactic methodology for the removal of central nervous system lesions as small as a few millimeters in diameter. These small lesions are detected and localized by non-invasive computerized axial tomography (GE 8800 scanner) with additional computer processing of the digital data by means of a PDP-1145(More)
The authors describe the results of their recently reported computer-based stereotaxic surgical technique for the indentification, enhancement, three-dimensional reconstruction, localization, and removal of small central nervous system lesions. This technique has been applied to patients with various types of central nervous system pathology, and(More)