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MyLifeBits is a project to fulfill the Memex vision first posited by Vannevar Bush in 1945. It is a system for storing all of one's digital media, including documents, images, sounds, and videos. It is built on four principles: (1) collections and search must replace hierarchy for organization (2) many visualizations should be supported (3) annotations are(More)
he quest for the Teraflops Super-~puter to operate at ,eak speed of 10" ting-point operations per sec is almost a decade old, and only one three-year computer generation from being fulfilled. The acceleration of its development would require an ultracomputer. First-generation, ultracomputers are networked computers using switches that interconnect thousands(More)
Storage trends have brought us to the point where it is affordable to keep a complete digital record of one's life, and capture methods are multiplying. To experiment with a lifetime store, we are digitizing everything possible from Gordon Bell's life. The MyLifeBits system is designed to store and manage a lifetime's worth of data. MyLifeBits enables the(More)
There is substantial environmental variance at small spatial scales (1 m or less) in both natural and disturbed environments. We have investigated the spatial structure of physical variables at larger scales (up to 106 m). We analysed surveys of edaphic properties of Wisconsin forest soils, of the water chemistry of lakes in Ontario and Labrador, and of(More)
By 2047, almost all information will be in cyberspace (1984)-including all knowledge and creative works. All information about physical objects including humans, buildings, processes, and organizations will be online. This trend is both desirable and inevitable. Cyberspace will provide the basis for wonderful new ways to inform, entertain, and educate(More)
Passive capture lets people record their experiences without having to operate recording equipment, and without even having to give recording conscious thought. The advantages are increased capture, and improved participation in the event itself. However, passive capture also presents many new challenges. One key challenge is how to deal with the increased(More)
In the Summer of 1971 a project was initiated at CMU to design the hardware and software for a multi-processor computer system using minicomputer processors (i.e., PDP-11's). This paper briefly describes an overview (only) of the goals, design, and status of this hardware/software complex, and indicates some of the research problems raised and analytic(More)
External agents of mortality (disturbances) occur over a wide range of scales of space and time, and are believed to have large effects on species diversity. The "intermediate disturbance hypothesis", which proposes maximum diversity at intermediate frequencies of disturbance, has received support from both field and laboratory studies. Coexistence of(More)