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Different behavioral techniques are briefly described for treating the violent patient in a hospital setting. Emphasis is placed on doing a careful assessment of the situation and behavior before attempting a behavioral intervention. It is also emphasized that all staff members involved be adequately trained, otherwise the procedures tend to fail.(More)
Since the decoding of the Human Genome, techniques from bioinformatics, statistics, and machine learning have been instrumental in uncovering patterns in increasing amounts and types of different data produced by technical profiling technologies applied to clinical samples, animal models, and cellular systems. Yet, progress on unravelling biological(More)
Systems in nature capable of collective behaviour are nonlinear, operating across several scales. Yet our ability to account for their collective dynamics differs in physics, chemistry and biology. Here, we briefly review the similarities and differences between mathematical modelling of adaptive living systems versus physico-chemical systems. We find that(More)
We address the question of what kind of test could be implemented to establish whether an artificial system is living or not with a computability and programmability test as advanced in [2]. We claim that necessary conditions for life are non-linear behavioural variability and sensitivity to external stimuli. We advance an algorithmic information concept of(More)
We introduce a conceptual framework and an interventional calculus to reconstruct the dynamics of, steer, and manipulate systems based on their intrinsic algorithmic probability using the universal principles of the theory of computability and algorithmic information. By applying sequences of controlled interventions to systems and networks, we estimate how(More)
Carmen Armengol John J. Horan Gordon Ball Matt Jaremko Albert Bandura D. Balfour Jeffrey Arthur L. Beaman Mark Johnson Alan S. Bellack William Johnson Milton Blake Paul Karoly Thomas D. Borkovec Daniel Kirschenbaum John Borkowski Eric Klinger Kenneth Bowers Richard Landau Kelly Brownell Daniel Landers Mark Burrell Alvin Landfield John Caccioppo Harry Lando(More)
The combination of ion imilantation and photolithographic patterning techniques has been applied to the fabrication of GaAs microwave FETs. This approach was adopted with the aim of providing a large number of devices having consistently predictable dc and high frequency characteristics. This memorandum concentrates on a description of the technology(More)
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