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1. The phonotactic threshold of 3 to 5-day-old adult female Acheta domesticus and the threshold of the L1 auditory neuron drop progressively (Fig. 1). 2. Application of juvenile hormone III (JHIII) to 1-day-old females caused both the female's threshold for phonotaxis and the threshold of the L1 auditory neuron to drop 20 or more dB over the next 12 h(More)
The longstanding assumption that calves of more than 6 months of age are more resistant to Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) infection has recently been challenged. In order to elucidate this, a challenge experiment was performed to evaluate age- and dose-dependent susceptibility to MAP infection in dairy calves. Fifty-six calves from(More)
Female crickets (Gryllus pennsylvanicus), caught in the field as nymphs, responded as adults in the laboratory with selective phonotaxis to model calling songs (CSs) that reproduced the dominant carrier frequencies and syllable periods (SPs) characteristic of the male's natural calling song. Extracellular recordings demonstrated two types of auditory(More)
—We present experimental results on the operation of a dissimilar two-core fiber segment as a channel-dropping filter based on the principle of grating-frustrated coupling. The restoration of 100% coupling by ultraviolet (UV)-tuning of the fiber is demonstrated over a bandwidth in excess of 20 nm. It is also shown that a grating can be inscribed in one of(More)
L3, an auditory interneuron in the prothoracic ganglion of female crickets (Acheta domesticus) exhibited two kinds of responses to models of the male's calling song (CS): a previously described, phasically encoded immediate response; a more tonically encoded prolonged response. The onset of the prolonged response required 3-8 sec of stimulation to reach its(More)
Directions: Please return signed proposal to the Honors Office at least one week prior to your scheduled meeting with the Honors Council. This proposal must be accepted by Honors Council the semester before presentation. Thesis Title: " The effect of nanoinjecting pictrotoxin into the supraesophageal ganglion of the cricket Acheta domesticus " Local phone:(More)
The L3 auditory interneuron in female Acheta domesticus, produces two different responses to the male calling song: an immediate response and a prolonged response. The prolonged response exhibited spiking activity and a correlated prolonged depolarization, both of which are clearly seen in intracellular recordings. The morphology revealed by intracellular(More)
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