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The importance of formalising the speciication of standards has been recognised for a number of years. This paper advocates the use of the formal speciication language Object-Z in the deenition of standards. Object-Z is an extension to the Z language speciically to facilitate speciication in an object-oriented style. First, the syntax and semantics of(More)
Preface This report presents Version 1 of Object-Z, an extension to the speciication language Z, which facilitates the speciication of systems in an object-oriented style. The report includes a concrete syntax and four case studies. Some aspects pertinent to object-oriented speciication are not in this version of Object-Z but are being investigated for(More)
Quantitative and qualitative studies have been made of the urinary crystals from a series of normal subjects and from stone formers with idiopathic hypercalciuria with and without treatment with thiazide diuretics and/or cellulose phosphate. The results obtained from mid-morning unprepared subjects seemed more helpful than those obtained following overnight(More)