Gordon A. Gallup

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Total dissociative electron attachment cross sections are presented for the amino acids, glycine, alanine, proline, phenylalanine, and tryptophan, at energies below the first ionization energy. Cross section magnitudes were determined by observation of positive ion production and normalization to ionization cross sections calculated using the(More)
We present the results of a rigorous quantum-mechanical calculation of the propagation of electrons through an inhomogeneous magnetic field with axial symmetry. A complete spin polarization of the beam is demonstrated assuming that a Landau eigenstate can be inserted into the field. This is in contrast with the semiclassical situation, where the spin(More)
The cross section for bond breaking at the site of a dissociative temporary negative ion state through the dissociative electron attachment process can be considerably enhanced by the presence of a second longer-lived temporary negative ion state elsewhere in the molecule, even one quite remote from the first. In a series of chloroalkenes possessing both(More)
We have measured the circular polarization of light emitted from both atomic H and molecular H2 after bombarding H2 with longitudinally polarized electrons. For both atomic and molecular fluorescence near threshold we observe a circular polarization as great as 10% of the electron polarization. This represents the first direct observation of spin transfer(More)
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