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Therapeutic effects of pre - verbal communication in work with patients with Tourette syndrome
Contemporary literature on treatment of Tourette syndrome recommends behavioral psychotherapy as first line offer to patients in most cases. In this paper I will try to show that psychoanalyticExpand
Psychoanalysis, speech, language
Psychoanalytical situation is mainly speech relation, a speech event. Speech communication cannot be reduced to semantic domain. To speak is not solely to say. Speech can have concrete effects.Expand
Language and speech in Melanie Klein’s work
ABSTRACT Melanie Klein’s writing style was distinctive. Many would concur that her theoretical and clinical writings are characterized by the absence of the fully developed poetic in the sense thatExpand
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The role of cognitive-developmental tests in differential diagnosis of borderline and schizophrenic patients
The aim of our research was to find out whether cognitive-developmental tests such as Nominal Realism Test and Vygotsky Concept Formation Test could contribute to the process of diagnosing borderlineExpand
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Disorders of symbolic representation: Shizophrenia as an illness of the semiotic
The ability of symbolic representation is the ability to acquire signs and systems of sounds. Acquisition of language as a system of sounds rests on the ability of differentiation, which enables theExpand