Gordana R. Jovicic

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Despite a lot of progress in the fields of medical imaging and modeling, problem of estimating the risk of in-stent restenosis and monitoring the progress of the therapy following stenting still remains. The principal aim of this paper was to propose architecture and implementation details of state of the art of computer methods for a follow-up study of(More)
Among various expert systems (ES), Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has shown to be suitable for the diagnosis of concurrent common bile duct stones (CBDS) in patients undergoing elective cholecystectomy. However, their application in practice remains limited since the development of ANNs represents a slow process that requires additional expertize from(More)
BACKGROUND Renal arteriovenous malformation (RAVM) represents abnormal communication between the intrarenal arterial and venous system. The purpose of this study was to investigate hemodynamics and biomechanics quantities which may influence the instability of RAVM and imply clinical complications. METHODS A detailed 3D reconstruction of RAVM was obtained(More)
Understanding of the occlusal load distribution through the mid-facial skeleton in natural dentition is essential because alterations in magnitude and/or direction of occlusal forces may cause remarkable changes in cortical and trabecular bone structure. Previous analyses by strain gauge technique, photoelastic and, more recently, finite element (FE)(More)
Colorectal carcinoma is acknowledged as the second leading cause of total cancer-related death in the European Region. The majority of deaths related to colorectal carcinoma are connected with liver metastatic disease. Approximately, in 25% of all patients, liver metastatic disease is diagnosed at the same time as the primary diagnosis, while up to a(More)
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