Gordana Milosavljevic

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The use of J2EE platform enables data model development based on EJB components. Data modeling concepts of EJB technology, although resembling those of relational databases, are different and need new methods for automated user interface code generation. This paper presents a method for user interface code generation based on intermediate form(More)
In this paper we present DOMMLite an extensible domainspecific language (DSL) for static structure definition of databaseoriented applications. The model-driven engineering (MDE) approach, an emerging software development paradigm, has been used. The language structure is defined by the means of a metamodel supplemented by validation rules based on Check(More)
This paper presents a method and concepts of a supporting tool for rapid prototyping of large-scale business information systems. Our method is based on the following guidelines: (1) small team of highly skilled members with combined skills, (2) prototypebased development of subsystems and the system as a whole, (3) brainstorming sessions always involving(More)
This paper presents a domain-specific language (DSL) in the form of a UML profile that facilitates efficient modeling and generation of fully-functional UIs of enterprise business applications. DSL is based on an internal HCI standard that defines layout and behaviour of coarsegrained objects for business applications. Being a regular UML extension, this(More)
The paper presents a generic access control management infrastructure suitable for a broad set of systems. The generic infrastructure is based on our policy metamodel (level M2), which is used for the specification of the needed policy model (level M1) such as RBAC, GTRBAC, etc. Having a defined policy model, the abstract and concrete syntaxes of PolicyDSL,(More)
This paper presents a comparison of textual and visual syntax notation of Domain-Specific Language (DSL) programs on the example of DOMMLite DSL[3]. Starting from the definition of DOMMLite meta-model, the prototypes of both textual and graphical editors are implemented using tools of the Eclipse Modeling Project. Initial observations in favor and against(More)
This paper presents Kroki (fr. croquis - sketch), a tool for participatory development of business applications based on mockups. Kroki provides a graphical editor for visual creation of mockups and two engines (Web and desktop) for mockup execution. Kroki is developed in order to foster development agility, communication and better understanding of(More)