Gordana Kralik

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Heavy metals concentration (mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, copper, zinc and chromium) in tissues (muscles, liver, kidney and gonads) of Dalmatian barbelgudgeon, the nase, the souffie and brown trout, inhabiting waters of Busko Blato reservoir in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The meat of the tested fish(More)
SUMMARY This study was performed on 146 pig carcasses, selected on the basis of back fat thickness measured at the position for " Two Points " method as described by the Cro-atian Regulation on Quality of Pig Carcasses on Slaughterhouse line (National Gazette, No. 119/99). There was no stratification based on carcass weight. The leanness of pig carcasses(More)
The paper presents nutritive value of broiler meat and table eggs, as these animal products are used for human nutrition on a daily basis. In the Republic of Croatia, average consumption of poultry meat amounts to 18.3 kg and to 160 eggs per capita.The most quality parts of broiler carcass are breasts and drumsticks with thighs. Breast muscles contain(More)