Gordana Žauhar

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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate sonographically measured absolute and relative lengths of normal kidneys according to subject height, sex, and age. METHODS Real-time sonography was performed on 202 subjects. Measurements of longitudinal renal diameter represented absolute renal length. Relative renal length was calculated using the kidney(More)
Acoustic streaming generated by diagnostic ultrasound fields is an important area for study both for safety reasons and because of its potential application as a diagnostic tool. A method of investigating streaming in biological fluids is reported. A number of fluids were insonated using a 3.5 MHz weakly focused single element transducer which was driven in(More)
BACKGROUND There are currently very few data regarding the role of cell-mediated cytotoxicity in psoriasis. Both cytotoxic T lymphocytes and natural killer (NK) cells mediate cytotoxicity reactions, mainly by two distinct pathways, the perforin/granzyme and the Fas/Fas ligand pathway. OBJECTIVES To study the expression and distribution of perforin, T- and(More)
Some authors view keratoacanthoma (KA) as a variant of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), while others consider it a separate entity that must be distinguished from SCC. Involution displayed by KA is an important difference between these two entities. It has been suggested that apoptosis plays a role in the involution process of KA, although the exact trigger(More)
The urachus is an embryonic structure that persists after birth in some individuals and can cause various problems. We report a case of an inflamed urachal cyst filled with a thick yellow fluid and several calculi in a woman with a 1-month history of dysuria. Physical examination revealed a fist-sized tumor located infraumbically in the midline. The(More)
Progress in developing a new measurement method for ultrasound output power is described. It is a thermal-based technique with the acoustic power generated by a transducer being absorbed within a specially developed polyurethane rubber material, whose high absorption coefficient ensures energy deposition within a few mm of the ultrasonic wave entering the(More)
INTRODUCTION External photon beam modulation using compensators in order to achieve a desired dose distribution when brachytherapy treatment is followed by external beam radiation is a well-established technique. A compensator modulates the central part of the beam, and the dose beneath the thickest part of the compensator is delivered mostly by scattered,(More)
Intracavitary application of brachytherapy sources followed by external beam radiation is essential for the local treatment of carcinoma of the cervix. Due to very high doses to the central portion of the target volume delivered by brachytherapy sources, this part of the target volume must be shielded while being irradiated by photon beams. Several(More)
Significant nonuniformities in the acoustic intensity distribution generated by physiotherapy ultrasound treatment heads are not uncommon, potentially leading to significant localised temperature rises and tissue damage. An acoustic absorber tile containing a thermochromic pigment has been developed to provide rapid quality assurance of physiotherapy(More)