Gordan R. Stuhne

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It has recently become possible to simulate aneurysmal blood flow dynamics in a patient-specific manner via the coupling of three-dimensional (3-D) X-ray angiography and cmputational fluid dynamics (CFD). Before such image-based CFD models can be used in a predictive capacity, however, it must be shown that they indeed reproduce the in vivo hemodynamic(More)
Current models of the general circulation of the global oceans employ a spatial discretization of the relevant hydrodynamic fields on Cartesian rectilinear grids. For many applications, significant benefit would be expected to accrue from the versatility offered by unstructured grids. However, until very recently, available numerical methods for performing(More)
Interpolation of field data from unstructured meshes requires the potentially expensive identification of the finite element or volume within which the interpolating point lies. A number of geometric search algorithms have been proposed to reduce this expense at the cost of setting up and storing additional search tables. Using tetrahedral finite element(More)
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