Gordan A Andrews

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In a large cooperative study of Ga-67 uptake in non-Hodgkin's malignant lymphoma, 76% of untreated patients showed positive uptake in one or more lesions. The percentage of known individual lesions seen on scan was significantly lower; thus, negative findings at any one site may have much less significance than positive findings. After treatment, the number(More)
Effective treatment and control of bovine respiratory disease is dependent upon an accurate diagnosis. This article discusses the approach to diagnosis of bovine respiratory disease from the perspective of respiratory pathology. Topics covered include necropsy examination of the respiratory system, sample collection and submission, and the gross, and(More)
A 5-month-old, intact female, domestic shorthaired cat was presented for evaluation of abdominal distension. Abdominal radiographs revealed a midabdominal mass that contained multiple, irregular, mineralized opacities. The mass was surgically removed, and an ovariohysterectomy performed. The mass was located at the tip of the left uterine horn and was(More)
This is the first report of the production of monoclonal antibodies against elk coronavirus. The nucleoprotein gene of elk coronavirus was amplified by PCR and was cloned and expressed in a prokaryotic expression vector. Recombinant nucleocapsid protein was used to immunize mice for the production of hybridomas. Twelve hybridomas that produced monoclonal(More)
Extracts from 69 species of lichens were tested for their ability to agglutinate untreated and enzyme-modified erythrocytes from a panel of blood typed dogs. Forty-three lichen species reacted positively with either untreated or enzyme-modified cells. Many extracts exhibited differential agglutination among red cells tested. The patterns of differential(More)
A large cooperative study of Ga-67 uptake in Hodgkin's disease showed that 88% of untreated patients had a positive uptake in one or more lesions. The percent of individual lesions seen on scan, however, was significantly lower; this indicated that negative findings at any one site do not argue strongly against the possiblilty of a lesion there. After(More)
Modification of the Bücherer-Strecker amino acid synthesis facilitated the production of DL-[11C]tryptophan and DL-[11C]valine for clinical trials in patients with proven or suspected pancreatic disease. Examples of rectilinear scans and tomographic images of the pancreas are presented in this initial paper. Positron computed tomography was done with the(More)