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The growth rate of pulmonary metastases was determined in 18 patients with pulmonary metastases from histologically proven malignant melanoma. From chest radiograms 81 metastases were measured 51 consecutive times, and 120 values for doubling time were obtained. metastases with diameters of 15.0 mm or less grew significantly faster (arithmetic mean=24.9(More)
A 48 year-old man was admitted to our hospital because of excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), hypnagogic visual hallucinations, frequent (10e15 times per day) episodes of sudden-onset clumsiness, poor coordination, voice weakness, and jaw drops triggered by fear, joy, or laughing. His past medical history was unremarkable, he was not taking any drugs and(More)
Doubling time values of pulmonary metastases from soft tissue sarcomas were measured. Sixty metastases from 24 patients were measured 79 consecutive times, and, the values for 116 doubling times were calculated. Small volume metastases grew significantly faster (arithmetic mean 29.7 days) than large metastases (arithmetic mean 43.4 days). An assessment with(More)
The relationship between volume increases of pulmonary métastases and their doubling time values was studied in patients with osteogenic sarcomas, soft tissue sarcomas, and malignant melanomas. From 60 patients (18 with osteogenic sarcomas, 24 with soft tissue sarcomas, and 18 with malignant melanomas), a total of 197 métastases were measured and 362(More)