Goran Popovic

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In this paper novel analytical closed-form expressions for the level crossing rate (LCR) and the average fade duration (AFD) of the double κ-μ random process are presented. Capitalizing on them, second order statistics of multiple input multiple output keyhole fading channels with space-time block coding (STBC) are analyzed. Numerically obtained results are(More)
Information systems (IS) users in all sizes and types of organizations are moving toward a new synthesis of centralized and distributed computing. A new paradigm, defi ning the role of the mainframe within an enterprise model, is emerging. It combines the performance, fl exibility and user-friendliness of small systems with the inherent economies of scale(More)
Managing information in the media is based on journalist and editorial evaluation of news value which is based on various criteria that determine whether an event will become news. Communicating political issues is occupying a large part of the media landscape, providing a legitimisation of political decisions, but also affecting political participation of(More)
The technology can in many ways help visually impaired people, but problem of memorizing a large number of phone numbers for most of blind people is still not resolved. The aim of this study was to design, construct and test a device that would serve as a phone book for landline phones. The device is connected between the phone and the phone line and(More)
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