Goran Martinovic

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We present a novel variation of the vehicle routing problem VRP . Single commodity cargo with pickup and delivery service is considered. Customers are labeled as either cargo sink or cargo source, depending on their pickup or delivery demand. This problem is called a single commodity vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery service 1-VRPPD . 1-VRPPD(More)
Human-computer interfaces are getting more complex every day with the purpose of easing the use of computers and enhancing the overall user experience. Since research has shown that a majority of human interaction comes from non-verbal communication, user emotion detection is one of the directions that can be taken to enhance the overall user experience.(More)
Multi-hop communication in vehicular ad hoc networks is a challenging task due to the dynamic and unbalanced nature of these networks. In the suburban areas or during the night when the density of vehicles is low, multi-hop communication is only possible if (i) the vehicles store-carry-forward the messages or (ii) by using roadside units. Each of the(More)
The feature selection problem often occurs in pattern recognition and, more specifically, classification. Although these patterns could contain a large number of features, some of them could prove to be irrelevant, redundant or even detrimental to classification accuracy. Thus, it is important to remove these kinds of features, which in turn leads to(More)
The paper evaluates mobile broadband access networks deployment from the techno-economic aspects. In this paper, the current situation in the European broadband market is analyzed. Furthermore, the model to assess the cost of mobile broadband access networks is introduced and the techno-economic analyses of mobile broadband networks deployments are(More)
Engagement of non-dedicated machines in the computational grid requires special attention by mapping. In addition to application, platform and mapping parameters, a human as a resource owner plays an extremely important role. The problem is easier for the owner/user who also requires grid services at the same time. The grid can provide a powerful support to(More)
Wireless sensor networks are often composed of large number of wireless sensor nodes that are mostly using battery supplies. Nodes are small and equipped with sensors that cooperatively monitor physical world. Communication, sensing and computing have the most influence on performance and power consumption of wireless sensor networks. Various optimization(More)