Goran Jonsson

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To comprehensively characterize microRNA (miRNA) expression in breast cancer, we performed the first extensive next-generation sequencing expression analysis of this disease. We sequenced small RNA from tumors with paired samples of normal and tumor-adjacent breast tissue. Our results indicate that tumor identity is achieved mainly by variation in the(More)
Amplification of 8p12-p11 is relatively common in breast cancer and several genes within the region have been suggested to affect breast tumor progression. The aim of the study was to map the amplified 8p12-p11 region in a large set of breast tumors in an effort to identify the genetic driver and to explore its impact on tumor progression and prognosis.(More)
The effects of supranormal temperature on the activity of poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase were studied by assaying the enzyme in cell extracts derived from cells subjected to hyperthermia and comparing with extracts that were heated in vitro. The enzyme activity was reduced by both hyperthermic treatment of cells and by heating of cell extracts; however(More)
The effects of hyperthermia on adenine nucleotide metabolism including NAD and poly(ADP-ribose) have been studied in confluent cultures of C3H10T1/2 cells. Cells replated immediately following hyperthermic treatment showed only 9% survival relative to controls while after a 24-h recovery period at 37 degrees C survival was 87% of control. Hyperthermic(More)
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