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There are high functioning and low functioning ballast water treatment systems on board ships. In this study, five systems were analysed so as to methodically examine the operational difficulties for ship crew members while giving important consideration to sustainable environment practices. Multi-criteria analysis, a questionnaire, survey and interviews(More)
The results of the ship ballast water treatment systems neutralization need to be verified in a transparent and trustful way before the ship enters a port. Some researches and results, explained in this article, confirm a need for a good verification. If there is no good methodology agreed, then it would not be accepted the solution that the BWMC (Ballast(More)
This research paper reviews ballast water treatment systems in two parts regarding data and methods: multi-criteria analysis and reliability study. The problem is how to timely recognize failure or operation stoppage of a ballast water treatment system. In the first part the multi-criteria analysis parameters and scenarios have considered the functional and(More)
This paper reviews ballast water treatment systems regarding functional and operational problems. Ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) could be in failure or under repair. New invented sensors based on flow measurement methodologies should report malfunctions utilizing satellites. This invention is the solution concerning the quality control of ship's(More)
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