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Despite the use of microorganisms as therapeutics for over a century, the scientific and clinical admiration of their potential is a recent phenomenon. Genome sequencing and genetic engineering has enabled researchers to develop novel strategies, such as bioengineered probiotics or pharmabiotics, which may become a therapeutic strategy. Bioengineered(More)
AIMS The gut microbiota capable of degrading plant biomass and antinutritional phytometabolites are of immense importance. This study reports isolation and characterization of tannase-producing rumen bacteria that could also degrade euptox A (9-oxo-10,11-dehydroageraphorone) present in Eupatorium adenophorum (Spreng). METHODS AND RESULTS Migratory Gaddi(More)
Tannase, so called Tannin Acyl Hydrolase (TAH) (E.C. is one of the versatile biocatalyst with several industrial applications. It is solely responsible for the degradation of hydrolysable tannin thus surpassing the untoward effects of high concentration of tannin consumption in the gut of small ruminants. In the locality of Palampur the migratory(More)
AIM To investigate various biochemical components of seminal plasma in Marwari stallions and Poitou Jacks and to find out their correlation with that of the seminal characteristics. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study, semen was collected from six Marwari stallions and six Poitou jacks aged from 4 to 6 years and with known fertility status. The semen(More)
The impact of cryopreservation in assisted reproduction is increasingly appreciated. Cells, oocytes, and embryos preserved under ultralow temperature can endure storage for indefinite time with almost no alteration in their metabolic and genetic components. Advances in cryopreservation and its applications to preserve cells, gametes, and embryos offer(More)
AIM This study reports structural modeling, molecular dynamics profiling of hypothetical proteins in Chlamydia abortus genome database. METHODOLOGY The hypothetical protein sequences were extracted from C. abortus LLG Genome Database for functional elucidation using in silico methods. RESULTS Fifty-one proteins with their roles in defense, binding and(More)
Enhancing the functional repertoire of probiotics is a promising approach to cope with the inexorable rise of antibiotic-resistant pathogens and the rather slow development of new antibiotics. Probiotics that deliver novel therapeutics efficiently and with site specificity are emerging living therapeutics that may transform existing paradigms of disease(More)
One humped camel (Camelus dromedarius) breeds, indigenous to India, have been shown to have good genetic potential to produce milk. Camel milk not only is cost-effective in terms of feed conversion but also has additional advantage of longer lactation period and unique adaptation mechanisms for warm arid and semiarid regions. The key features of camel milk(More)
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