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Video forgery , also referred as video falsifying, is a technique for generating fake videos by altering, combining or creating new video contents. Exemplar-based inpainting technique can be used to remove objects from an image/video and play visual tricks, which would affect the authenticity of videos. In this paper, a blind detection method based on(More)
This is a work to develop an interactive email application. An email system is considered as a personal private property nowadays. It is not easy for people with disability to use normal devices for checking their emails. Users need more interaction with their emails. This interactive technology is based on eye blink detection; hence persons with(More)
The computer vision based assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired is a developing area. The assistive technology helps the visually impaired by providing them with a greater independence. By enabling them with their day-to-day activities like indoor and outdoor navigation, obstacle detection, locating the doors and lost objects, etc. Even(More)
The segmentation in medical images especially in the field of MR image is a challenging task in the presence of intensity inhomogenity. So many techniques have been devised to correct this artifact. The intensity inhomogenity also known as intensity non uniformity refers to the slow, non atomic intensity variations of the same tissue over the image domain.(More)
— The Intelligent text extraction system automatically identifies and extracts the text present in different types of images. The growth of digital world Detection and extraction of text regions in an image are well known problems in the area of image processing. The growth of digital world and the usage of multimedia generated a new era with a classic(More)
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