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Cytochrome c (cyt c) participates in two crucial cellular processes, energy production and apoptosis, and unsurprisingly is a highly conserved protein. However, previous studies have reported for the primate lineage (i) loss of the paralogous testis isoform, (ii) an acceleration and then a deceleration of the amino acid replacement rate of the cyt c somatic(More)
Plant nutrition and climatic conditions play important roles on the growth and secondary metabolites of stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni); however, the nutritional dose is strongly governed by the soil properties and climatic conditions of the growing region. In northern India, the interactive effects of crop ecology and plant nutrition on yield and(More)
Clinicopathological study of cerebellar astrocytoma: report of thi rty cases ". ABSTRACT: AIMS: Cerebellar astrocytoma occurs more often in children and young adults than in adults. They are the most common astrocytic tumours in children, accounting for 80–85% of cerebellar astrocytomas and 60% of optic gliomas. They comprise about 33% of all posterior(More)
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