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This paper reports on 9 patients aged 13-18 years (mean 15.4) with severe diabetic retinopathy. Two patients were prepubertal and 4 were going through puberty. Hypertension was present in 2 patients, while 4 had proteinuria. Severe preproliferative disease was present in 3 patients initially and proliferative retinopathy in the remainder. In 5 this(More)
In a controlled trial of 30 cases of persistent diarrhoea in infants, ciprofloxacin was used parenterally for systemic antibiotic therapy. Group A cases (15 in number) were treated with parenteral ciprofloxacin and group B control cases (remaining 15) were treated with parenteral ampicillin and chloramphenicol or ampicillin/amikacin along with treatment of(More)
A 54 years male presented with painless, indolent ulcers in the left axilla in an area approximately of 5 cm diameter. They were fixed to the underlying structures. Some lymph nodes eg, pectoral, apical and central groups were also enlarged. Incision biopsy for the margin of the ulcer was done. It showed adenocarcinoma of the sweat glands. Wide local(More)
Quantitation of the earliest changes in abnormal retinal morphology using fluorescein angiography is potentially superior to retinal photography. However, the critical importance of flawless technique, limitations in the size of the field available for detailed study, and observer variability constitute major disadvantages. A protocol describing standards(More)