Gopalasamy Athithan

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In wireless sensor networks, the routing algorithms currently available assume that the sensor nodes are stationary. Therefore when mobility modulation is applied to the wireless sensor networks, most of the current routing algorithms suffer from performance degradation. The path breaks in mobile wireless networks are due to the movement of mobile nodes,(More)
The development of techniques for scaling up classifiers so that they can be applied to problems with large datasets of training examples is one of the objectives of data mining. Recently, AdaBoost has become popular among machine learning community thanks to its promising results across a variety of applications. However, training AdaBoost on large(More)
The rapid growth in the field of data mining has lead to the development of various methods for outlier detection. Though detection of outliers has been well explored in the context of numerical data, dealing with categorical data is still evolving. In this paper, we propose a two-phase algorithm for detecting outliers in categorical data based on a novel(More)
The problem of spurious patterns in neural associative memory models is discussed. Some suggestions to solve this problem from the literature are reviewed and their inadequacies are pointed out. A solution based on the notion of neural self-interaction with a suitably chosen magnitude is presented for the Hebbian learning rule. For an optimal learning rule(More)
Graph mining has been a widely studied domain over the years. Graph representation of real world problems has enabled the development of simple solutions bringing in better clarity. Graph mining has various sub domains among which graph matching is a prominent one having a number of algorithms. With the rise of new applications involving large sets of(More)
There are several different types of information inherent in audio conversations: speech features, participants and content. If an organization were able to collect all the relevant conversations of its employees, high-potential collaborations and expertise can be identified Nathan Eagle et al., (2002). VoIP has been off late an effective voice application(More)