Gopalapillai Indulal

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Distance energy of a graph G is a recent energy-type invariants, defined as the absolute deviation of the eigenvalues of the distance matrix of G. It is a useful molecular descriptor in QSPR modelling, as demonstrated by Consonni and Todeschini in [MATCH Commun. Math. Comput. Chem. 60 (2008), 3–14]. We describe here the distance spectrum and energy of the(More)
The D-eigenvalues of a connected graph G are the eigenvalues of its distance matrix D, and form the D-spectrum of G. The D-energy ED(G) of the graph G is the sum of the absolute values of its D-eigenvalues. Two (connected) graphs are said to be D-equienergetic if they have equal D-energies. The D-spectra of some graphs and their D-energies are calculated. A(More)
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