Gopalan Venkataraman

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We have made an endeavor to investigate the snow water equivalent (SWE) variations in Himalayan mountain region which is the most difficult terrain to access during winter seasons. The area also covers the large glaciers such as Siachen and Gangotri. A time series multi scale of SWE L3 product derived from Aqua Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer(More)
Remote sensing of radar polarimetry has great potential to determine the extent and properties of snow cover. Availability of spaceborne sensor dual polarimetric C-band data of ENVISAT-ASAR can enhance the accuracy in measurement of snow physical parameters as compared to single fixed polarization data measurement. This study shows that the capability of(More)
Optical remote sensing data and microwave remote sensing data are complementary to each other and hence the fusion of these data would help in improving the classification accuracy. In this paper IRS LISS-III data and Radarsat-1 SAR data are fused using Bayesian formulation of data fusion. For this purpose SAR image is modeled using multiplicative(More)
Two famous glaciers viz. Gangotri and Siachen were studied for DEM generation and movement using ERS-1&2 tandem data. While surrounding areas along the glaciers showed more decorrelation, glacier area showed a very good correlation between two image acquisitions. Contours obtained using ERS1&2 SAR tandem data closely match with topographic maps of the area.(More)
Californium-252 promises to be an effective radium substitute in brachytherapy. In certain situations, such as cancer of the uterus, the dose rate near a linear source may be of interest. Paterson and Parker have tabulated the number of milligram hours for various active lengths of radium sources to give 1000 rad at different distances from the centre of(More)