Gopalakrishnan Ranganathan

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A cDNA library, prepared from poly(A)+ RNA isolated from quiescent AKR-2B cells 4 hr after stimulation with epidermal growth factor in the presence of cycloheximide, was screened to identify RNA transcripts whose abundance is specifically increased as a primary response to growth stimulation. Approximately 40% of the inducible clones detected by this(More)
Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF beta) has been shown to influence the growth and differentiation of many widely varied cell types in vitro, including some that are endocrinologically active. We have investigated the previously unknown effects of this unique growth factor in the differentiated rat thyroid follicular cell line FRTL-5. The cells(More)
TGF beta has been identified in normal human urine specimens from five individuals studied for five consecutive days. The peptide was extracted from urine using Sepralyte C1 beads. Detectable levels of [125I]TGF beta competing activity as measured by radioreceptor assay was found in about half of the specimens studied. The protein isolated from urine using(More)
We have cloned a serum- and cycloheximide-inducible mRNA from AKR-2B murine fibroblasts which encodes a protein with significant sequence similarity to human tissue factor, a cellular initiator of the blood coagulation cascade. Information derived from this clone was used to establish the presence of a virtually identical sequence in mouse brain. Most(More)
Induction machine is an important class of electrical machines which finds wide applications as a motor in industry and in its single phase form in several domestic applications. More than 85% of industrial motors in use today are in fact induction motors. The minimization of electrical energy consumption through better motor design becomes a major concern.(More)
Transforming growth factor type beta 1 (TGF-beta 1) is a pleiotropic regulator of cell growth and differentiation which can potentiate or otherwise modify cellular responses to different growth factors such as epidermal growth factor (EGF). Since cellular responses to peptide growth factors are mediated, in part, through the regulation of specific gene(More)
Transforming growth factor type beta (TGF beta) is a pleiotropic regulator of cell growth with specific high-affinity cell-surface receptors on a large number of cells; its mechanism of action, however, is poorly defined. In this report, we utilized the mouse fibroblast line AKR-2B to explore the question of the temporal requirements during the cell cycle(More)
A wedge filter is one of the most commonly used beam modifying devices. The introduction of a wedge filter alters both the distribution of the primary photon fluence and the first and second scatter patterns. The effect of the wedge filter is normally expressed in terms of an exponential attenuation function that is used to modify the primary photon(More)
La composition sanguine d'une cinquantaine d'Indiens du Sud, mâles, adultes et en bonne santé, est comparée aux standards occidentaux. Les valeurs de glucose sanguin, protéines et sodium plasmatiques des Indiens sont semblables à celles des Occidentaux, leur potassémie est plus élevée et la cholestérolémie montre un groupe de valeurs très basses. La(More)
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