Gopal K. Patra

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Cloud computing has garnered popular support in a relatively short span of time. It is a new method of delivering the distributed resources over internet. It reduces capital expenditure as well as operational expenditure. The number of cloud service providers (CSPs) who provide computing as a utility has increased exponentially in the past few years,(More)
Cloud computing provides many opportunities for enterprises by offering a range of computing services. In today's competitive environment, the service dynamism, elasticity, and choices offered by this highly scalable technology are too attractive for enterprises to ignore. These opportunities have opened up a new dimension of challenges by introducing a(More)
In cryptography, encryption is the process of transforming information referred to as plaintext using an algorithm (called a cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key. The result of the process is information which is, referred to as ciphertext. Stream ciphers are used to encrypt(More)
Cloud computing based technology and their impact is growing now a day. Cloud computing is used in all the area of Business, Education, Social Impact and data miner. The growing demand is because of the on demand service and pay per basis used somehow in the unlimited form. But the uses enhance the risk of data trapping and forgery. As the services are(More)
The growing requirement of system resources, memory requirement and huge space etc. have sprinted up the demand of cloud computing. The ease in the use and dynamic demand completion nature will also make it a future business platform. But we cannot forget the second side of the coin as the ease will comes with some negative cost. By the growing demand huge(More)
Discrete or computerized chaotic systems are being extensively studied for various applications in cryptography. However, the security of them is not yet convincing to be used in real applications. This paper is proposing modifications to chaotic synchronization process, which have been studies a lot as a potential replacement to LFSR's. Here we are(More)
Cloud computing has emerged as a paradigm to deliver on demand resources to enable the customers with access to their infrastructure and application services on a subscription basis. In recent times, increasing number of people carry out variety of different activities on the cloud. Two important issues surrounding cloud computing relate to storing and(More)
A relatively new domain in the area of cryptoanalysis is the use of disorderly or chaotic systems to encrypt and decrypt data. The aim of this paper is to put forward how the basics of chaos theory using a Lorenz system can be applied to the field of cryptography. In this work, stream ciphers have been used to encrypt the data generated by a Lorenz system.(More)