Gopal Chandra Das

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Accelerated atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease are major causes of morbidity and mortality in patients of end-stage renal disease. Carotid intima media thickness is taken as a useful surrogate marker of atherosclerosis. Thirty end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients were subjected to ultrasonography to study CIMT before the initiation of dialysis.(More)
Dried silica gel powders were prepared by acid catalyzed controlled hydrolysis followed by polycondensation of tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) in 1:1 by volume water-alcohol solution. The dried powders were pressed and isothermally heat treated over the temperature range of 200-600 o C. The mechanism of sintering of silica-gel particles during the initial(More)
A Remembrance When I close my eyes and think of Gopal Das I see him in the dimly lit Neuroanatomy teaching lab on the second floor of Lily Hall at Purdue, standing behind an overhead projector, his face eerily illuminated by the light from the vents around the projector, describing the connections of brainstem, enwrapping each concept of connectivity,(More)
The cis-acting elements for the early and late promoters, as well as the enhancer in the prototype strains of human polyomavirus BK (BKV) are located within a 500 bp intergenic region. We previously studied the specificity of protein binding in this region in vitro and showed that the interaction of proteins of the nuclear factor-1 (NF-1) family is crucial(More)
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