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Today's query processing engines do not take advantage of the multiple occurrences of a relation in a query to improve performance. Instead, each instance is treated as a distinct relation and has its own independent table access method. In this paper, we present <i>MAPLE</i>, a <i>M</i>ulti-instance-<i>A</i>ware <i>PL</i>an <i>E</i>valuation engine that(More)
In this paper, power control of secondary user (SU) is investigated. In co-existing network, minimization of interference on primary user (PU) can be achieved through controlling the transmission power of cognitive radio (CR) user. Improved sensing decision reduces the interference on PU (IoPU) efficiently through improved energy detector (IED) based(More)
Bivoltine rearing in tropical regions is highly unpredictable due to fluctuating temperature and humidity conditions. It is therefore extremely imperative to develop a stable bivoltine cocoon crop under adverse environment of the tropices. Improvement of the existing bivoltine lines through introgression of true multivoltine tolerant factors by conventional(More)
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