Gopal C. Das

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Today's query processing engines do not take advantage of the multiple occurrences of a relation in a query to improve performance. Instead, each instance is treated as a distinct relation and has its own independent table access method. In this paper, we present <i>MAPLE</i>, a <i>M</i>ulti-instance-<i>A</i>ware <i>PL</i>an <i>E</i>valuation engine that(More)
  • James J Anton, Gopal Das, Varma, Gary Biglaiser, Judy Chevalier, Tracy Lewis +4 others
  • 2003
We consider a 2-period model in which buyers can store the good by purchasing in advance of consumption so as to realize potential gains from inter-temporal arbitrage. We find that storability introduces a kink in the aggregate period-1 demand. When supply is oligopolistic (quantity setting) and consumers are sufficiently patient (storage cost is relatively(More)
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