Gopal B Shah

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A 20-year-old woman presented with dull ache in the abdomen. Ultrasonography and CT scan showed a solitary liver cyst. Roux-en-Y cystojejunostomy was done since there was bile in the cyst. Histology of the cyst wall revealed it to be a choledochal cyst. Solitary intrahepatic choledochal cyst and presentation in adult life are rare.
Angiogenesis is essential for tumor growth and metastasis. In the present study we investigated the prognostic significance of microvessels (MV) density using immunohisto-localization of factor VIII antigen in 51 breast cancer patients. We counted microvessels per 200x field in the most active areas of neovascularization by staining factor VIII related(More)
BACKGROUND Ectopic craniopharyngioma is an uncommon entity. We report the first case of ectopic craniopharyngioma confined purely within the fourth ventricle, exophytic from pons. CASE DESCRIPTION A 12-year-old girl presented with 2 months history of headache and recent evidence of raised intracranial pressure and left abducent palsy. Magnetic resonance(More)
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