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Oral administration of antibiotics to treat dental problems mostly yields slow actions due to slow onset and hepatic “first-pass.” Again, commonly used dental paints are generally washed out by saliva within few hours of application. To overcome the challenges, polymeric molds to be placed on an affected tooth (during carries and gum problems) were prepared(More)
Toothache is a serious problem worldwide. To give relief from this intolerable toothache, doctors prescribe painkillers along with antibiotics. Most of the painkillers, if not all, produce hyperacidity and gastric irritation upon oral administration. Oral antibiotics have slow onset of action and undergo hepatic "first-pass" effect. Moreover, available(More)
  • Gopa Roy
  • Critical reviews in food science and nutrition
  • 1992
The plethora of high-potency sweetener research has allowed the construction of important structure-taste relationships. In light of new structure-taste relationships, it is instructive to review sweet taste potentiation brought about by divalent oxygen and sulfur incorporation. The taste of sulfur-containing organic compounds was reviewed in Japanese by(More)
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