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UHF band (860~960 MHz) RFID tag strip-line antennas for non-metallic object and slotted patch RFID antenna for metallic objects have been optimized with a GA. The antennas are optimized for commercially available RFID tag IC chips. Different cell sizes of FDTD have been tried while the GA optimizes the symmetrical shape of RFID antennas
The different sizes of circular tag antennas have been designed. The different sizes of circular tags will be fit to any circular object such as bottle caps of cosmetics. The outer radius from 8 mm to 40 mm of tags have been fabricated and tested. The 12 mm circular tag has about 1 m reading distance, and 35 mm tag has about 5 m. The relationship between(More)
In this research, it examined the large quantity document recognition in gate environment . Commercial tag with the best stable performance in documents environment have been chosen and the tag position in a document has also been carefully decided via extensive experiments. The gate has been made to achieve the best recognition performance and easy(More)
An RFID tag antenna with electric-thread using a sewing machine is proposed. The characteristics of the electric-thread used as tag antenna are studied and the changes of conductivity for different sewing methods are analyzed. The electro-thread tag antenna is designed by the shape of alphabet characters. The radiation efficiency is about 33% and the(More)
A novel UHF RFID metal tag antenna using a cavity structure for long reading range is proposed. The size of the proposed tag is 176.0 x 61.0 x 31.0 (mm3) and it can be applied for large metal materials and heavy equipments. The measured reading range is about 1 lm in free space and 15 m when attached to a metal plate. The reading range of the tag at(More)
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