Gonzalo Vaca-Castano

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Developing efficient methods for monitoring and identifying species of birds and anurans in natural environments are an imperative, in order to attend the concern caused by amphibian decline and trends in decreasing bird population sizes. In this work, a prospective solution to contribute to the mentioned problem is presented by an infrastructure(More)
This paper presents a novel method for estimating the geospatial trajectory of a moving camera with unknown intrinsic parameters, in a city-scale urban environment. The proposed method is based on a three step process that includes: 1) finding the best visual matches of individual images to a dataset of geo-referenced street view images, 2) Bayesian(More)
This paper presents a novel search paradigm that uses multiple images as input to perform semantic search of images. While earlier focuses on using single or multiple query images to retrieve images with views of the same instance, the proposed paradigm uses each query image to discover text-based descriptors that are leveraged to find the common concepts(More)
In this paper, we investigates the interplay between scene and objects on daily activities under egocentric vision constraints. The nature of egocentric vision implies that the identity of the current scene remains consistent for several frames. We showed that this constraint can be used to improve several scene identification baselines including the(More)
The decline in amphibian populations worldwide has become a tangible example of a major environmental concern due to the fact that amphibian presence has been interpreted as a good indicator of the health of an ecosystem. Consequently, monitoring is an imperative. In this work, a conceptual framework for bioacoustical species classification is formulated(More)
This work investigates the relationship between scene and associated objects on daily activities under egocentric vision constraints. Daily activities are performed in prototypical scenes that share a lot of visual appearances independent of where or by whom the video was recorded. The intrinsic characteristics of egocentric vision suggest that the location(More)
In this paper we introduce the problem of determining the topic that a set of images is describing, where every topic is represented as a set of words. Different from other problems like tag assignment or similar, a) we assume multiple images are used as input instead of single image, b) Input images are typically not visually related, c) Input images are(More)
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