Gonzalo Torres-Tejerizo

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Among sequenced genomes, it is common to find a high proportion of genes encoding proteins that cannot be assigned a known function. In bacterial genomes, genes related to a similar function are often located in contiguous regions. The presence of genes encoding conserved hypothetical proteins (chp) in such a region may suggest that they are related to that(More)
Here we present the genome sequence of Rhizobium grahamii CCGE502. R. grahamii groups with other newly described broad-host-range species, which are not very efficient Phaseolus vulgaris symbionts, with a wide geographic distribution and which constitutes a novel Rhizobium clade.
The bacterial chromosome may be used to stably maintain foreign DNA in the mega-base range. Integration into the chromosome circumvents issues such as plasmid replication, stability, incompatibility, and copy number variance. The site-specific integrase IntA from Rhizobium etli CFN42 catalyzes a direct recombination between two specific DNA sites: attA and(More)
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