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—In this paper, we analyze the outage probability and diversity order of opportunistic relay selection in a scenario based on decode and forward and where the available channel state information (CSI) is outdated. The study is conducted analytically by obtaining a closed-form expression for the outage probability, which is dened as the probability that the(More)
This paper considers channel estimation and system performance for the uplink of a single-cell massive multiple-input multiple-output system. Each receiver antenna of the base station is assumed to be equipped with a pair of one-bit analog-to-digital converters to quantize the real and imaginary part of the received signal. We first propose an approach for(More)
Accurately determining one's position has been a recurrent problem in history [1]. It even precedes the first deep-sea navigation attempts of ancient civilizations and reaches the present time with the issue of legal mandates for the location identification of emergency calls in cellular networks and the emergence of location-based services. The science and(More)
—In this paper, a novel cross-layer framework for optimizing the dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) of a digital video broadcast (DVB)-return channel satellite (RCS) system using adaptive coding is proposed. The design of the medium access control (MAC) methods taking into account the adaptive physical layer and higher layers' quality of service (QoS)(More)
—RSS-based localization is considered a low-complexity algorithm with respect to other range techniques such as TOA or AOA. The accuracy of RSS methods depends on the suitability of the propagation models used for the actual propagation conditions. In indoor environments, in particular, it is very difficult to obtain a good propagation model. For that(More)
This paper addresses the estimation of the code-phase (pseudorange) and the carrier-phase of the direct signal received from a direct-sequence spread-spectrum satellite transmitter. The signal is received by an antenna array in a scenario with interference and multipath propagation. These two effects are generally the limiting error sources in most(More)
— This paper focuses on the broadcast channel of an interactive Multibeam Broadband Satellite (MBS) system with a transparent architecture. In particular, a cross-layer design is proposed for the packet scheduling on a forward link that implements Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM). A cross-layer approach is considered whereby the physical and Medium(More)
Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) have recently attracted much attention due to their potential to reduce CO 2 emissions and transportation costs and can be grouped into entities (aggregators) to provide ancillary services such as frequency regulation. In this paper, the application of aggregators to frequency regulation by making a fair use of their energy(More)
Recommended by Alagan Anpalagan We analyze the existing trade-offs in terms of system performance versus fairness of a cooperative system based on opportunistic relay selection (ORS) and with outdated channel state information (CSI). In particular, system performance is analytically evaluated in terms of outage probability, and the fairness behavior is(More)
This paper deals with the analysis of advanced fade countermeasures for supporting DVB-S2 reception by mobile terminals mounted on high-speed trains. Recent market studies indicate this as a potential profitable market for satellite communications, provided that integration with wireless terrestrial networks can be implemented to bridge the satellite(More)