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Reading Sumerian Names, II: Gilgameš
(1) In the famous Early Dynastic god list from Fāra (SF 1), the name is spelled with an initial sequence GIS. NE.PAP, in which NE.PAP (= BIL.PAP = “BIL2”) corresponds to NE-sessig (BIL2) in otherExpand
On the Alleged "Pre-Sumerian Substratum"
period to the Late Uruk period seems clear (1960: 44-46). In fact, in recent years the evidence concerning sea-levels has been reviewed (Sanlaville 1989; Potts 1997: 33-41), and it has been concludedExpand
Reading Sumerian Names, I: Ensuhkešdanna and Baba
The name of the ruler of Aratta with whom Enmerkar engages in various challenges is written en -MUS2-KES2an-na. At least two versions of the name are attested in modern scholarship: Ensuhkesdanna andExpand
Inanna and Dumuzi: A Sumerian Love Story
The recent edition of the compositions concerned with the relations between Inanna and Dumuzi by Yitschak Sefati provides an occasion to revisit some important Assyriological questions concerningExpand
Chasing the semitic root: The skeleton in the closet
Anyone who approaches a Semitic language for the first time is likely to feel mystified and frequently fascinated by the algebraic structure displayed by nominal patterns and verbal paradigms. ForExpand