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On the Dynamics of Pyrroles Excited to the 3s/πσ* State.
The available experimental data provided by ultrafast dynamics studies of pyrrole and its derivatives in excited states of mixed Rydberg/valence 3s/πσ* character are strongly affected by theExpand
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Discrimination of measurement contexts in quantum mechanics
Abstract We demonstrate that it is possible to discern the way that has been followed to measure a quantum observable that can be expressed in terms of different products of observables, whereas noExpand
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Claude Cohen-Tannoudji profesorea Zientzia eta Teknologia Fakultatean
2011ko urtarrilaren 13an eta 14an Claude Cohen-Tannoudji Profesoreak hitzaldi-sorta bat eman zuen Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatearen Zientzia eta Teknologia Fakultatean. Cohen-Tannoudji ProfesorearenExpand