Gonzalo Mancebo

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Podoplanin expression is attracting interest as a marker for cancer diagnosis and prognosis. We therefore investigated the expression pattern and clinical significance of podoplanin during the development and progression of laryngeal carcinomas. Podoplanin expression was determined by immunohistochemistry in paraffin-embedded tissue specimens from 84(More)
INTRODUCTION Traditional treatment for paranasal sinuses mucoceles recommended total removal through external approaches. Since the 90s, endoscopic marsupialization has been proposed as optimal surgical treatment. We present our experience in the treatment of this pathology. MATERIAL AND METHOD A retrospective review of 72 patients treated for paranasal(More)
Novel markers are needed to accurately predict the risk of malignant transformation in laryngeal premalignancies. We therefore investigated the clinical significance of cortactin (CTTN) and focal adhesion kinase (FAK) during laryngeal tumorigenesis and their potential utility as cancer risk markers. CTTN and FAK protein expression and gene amplification(More)
TITLE: CORTACTIN AND FOCAL ADHESION KINASE AS PREDICTORS OF CANCER RISK IN PATIENTS WITH LARYNGEAL PREMALIGNANCY AUTHORS: Juan P. Rodrigo, Gustavo Álvarez-Alija‡, Sofía Tirados Menéndez‡, Gonzalo Mancebo, Eva Allonca, Darío García-Carracedo, Manuel Florentino Fresno, Carlos Suárez, Juana María García-Pedrero. 1 Servicio de Otorrinolaringología, Hospital(More)
Because of the increasing use of laser surgery, new complications appear in patients. Endoscopic procedures bring to patients a kind of surgery with benefits such as avoidance of external incisions, but complications not seen before are happening. We describe the case of a patient who had a big anterior cervical abscess 1 month after having undergone an(More)
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