Gonzalo M. Fernández

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Intrusion is a fast growing security threat to the computers which fails the security of the system. The researchers have proposed number of techniques such as firewall, encryption etc. to prevent such penetration and protect the systems. With all these measures also, the intruders managed to penetrate the computers. Intrusion detection systems (IDS)(More)
Recent researches have studied how to support the online distribution of multimedia contents efficiently, reducing almost completely the state information within switching nodes. However, many of these studies have been carried out only in a theoretical way and have been verified by simulations, without actual hardware implementations, which will reveal(More)
The demand for multicast-capable VPN services, like Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), has grown quickly in the last years. In order to save bandwidth, MPLS point-tomultipoint LSPs could be used, but the VPN-specific state information to be handled inside the network may exceed the capacity of core nodes. A well-known solution for this is to aggregate the(More)
We present a novel cost-effective multicast capable optical cross connect (MC-OXC) node architecture which improves efficiency of optical power by constraining splitting to only two output ports, in order to reduce power losses derived from splitting into more than two output ports. This node would manage the following actions when necessary: (a) tap and(More)
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