Gonzalo Gutiérrez

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Recent evidence has shown a correlation between the heat diffusion pathways and the known allosteric communication pathways in proteins. Allosteric communication in proteins is a central, yet unsolved, problem in biochemistry, and the study and characterization of the structural determinants that mediate energy transfer among different parts of proteins is(More)
For a continuous maximum-entropy distribution (obtained from an arbitrary number of simultaneous constraints), we derive a general relation connecting the Lagrange multipliers and the expectation values of certain particularly constructed functions of the states of the system. From this relation, an estimator for a given Lagrange multiplier can be(More)
First-principles molecular dynamics calculations of the structural, elastic, vibrational and electronic properties of amorphous Al(2)O(3), in a system consisting of a supercell of 80 atoms, are reported. A detailed analysis of the interatomic correlations allows us to conclude that the short-range order is mainly composed of AlO(4) tetrahedra, but, in(More)
In this paper we introduce SaM, a split and merge algorithm for frequent item set mining. Its core advantages are its extremely simple data structure and processing scheme, which not only make it very easy to implement, but also fairly easy to execute on external storage, thus rendering it a highly useful method if the data to mine cannot be loaded into(More)
BACKGROUND Peritoneal carcinomatosis from a gastrointestinal carcinoid tumour is rare and the long-term management and prognosis have not been clearly defined. The natural history is different from gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma, although its capacity to invade regional lymph nodes and generate distal metastasis can make the management more complex. Whilst(More)
In this work, we report the heat rectifying capability of α-helices. Using molecular dynamics simulations we show an increased thermal diffusivity in the C-Terminal to N-Terminal direction of propagation. The origin of this effect seems to be a function of the particular orientation of the hydrogen bonds stabilizing these α-helices. Our results may be(More)
Vision in general and images in particular have always played an important and essential role in human life. Nowadays, the field of computer vision and image processing has been applied to a high number of real-world problems ranging from remote sensing to medical imaging, artificial vision, and computer-aided design. The development of vision and image(More)
BACKGROUND The demographic structure has a significant influence on the use of healthcare services, as does the size of the population denominators. Very few studies have been published on methods for estimating the real population such as tourist resorts. The lack of information about these problems means there is a corresponding lack of information about(More)