Gonzalo Gutiérrez

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BACKGROUND Malnutrition in children can be a consequence of unfavourable socioeconomic conditions. However, some families maintain adequate nutritional status in their children despite living in poverty. The aim of this study was to ascertain whether family-related factors are determinants of stunting in young Mexican children living in extreme poverty, and(More)
In this paper we introduce SaM, a split and merge algorithm for frequent item set mining. Its core advantages are its extremely simple data structure and processing scheme, which not only make it very easy to implement, but also fairly easy to execute on external storage, thus rendering it a highly useful method if the data to mine cannot be loaded into(More)
In this work, we report the heat rectifying capability of α-helices. Using molecular dynamics simulations we show an increased thermal diffusivity in the C-Terminal to N-Terminal direction of propagation. The origin of this effect seems to be a function of the particular orientation of the hydrogen bonds stabilizing these α-helices. Our results may be(More)
Vision in general and images in particular have always played an important and essential role in human life. Nowadays, the field of computer vision and image processing has been applied to a high number of real-world problems ranging from remote sensing to medical imaging, artificial vision, and computer-aided design. The development of vision and image(More)
BACKGROUND In 2001, the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) carried out a major reorganization to provide comprehensive preventive care to reinforce primary care services through the PREVENIMSS program. This program divides the population into programmatic age groups that receive specific preventive services: children (0-9 years), adolescents (10-19(More)
BACKGROUND Peritoneal carcinomatosis from a gastrointestinal carcinoid tumour is rare and the long-term management and prognosis have not been clearly defined. The natural history is different from gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma, although its capacity to invade regional lymph nodes and generate distal metastasis can make the management more complex. Whilst(More)
A simple model to predict the directionality of vibrational energy flow at molecular level is presented. This model is based on a vibrational energy propagation analysis using ab intio molecular dynamics and the Fukui function and local softness reactivity indexes derived from DFT. By using this simple conceptual model we are giving a cogent rationale to(More)
Ultrahigh-pressure phase boundary between solid and liquid SiO2 is still quite unclear. Here we present predictions of silica melting curve for the multimegabar pressure regime, as obtained from first principles molecular dynamics simulations. We calculate the melting temperatures from three high pressure phases of silica (pyrite-, cotunnite-, and Fe2P-type(More)
We study how the opinions of a group of individuals determine their spatial distribution and connectivity, through an agent-based model. The interaction between agents is described by a Hamiltonian in which agents are allowed to move freely without an underlying lattice (the average network topology connecting them is determined from the parameters). This(More)