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Blood lead, anemia, and short stature are independently associated with cognitive performance in Mexican school children.
Lead exposure and nutritional factors are both associated with cognitive performance. Lead toxicity and nutritional status are also associated with each other. We examined whether nutritional statusExpand
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The relationship between blood lead levels and occupational exposure in a pregnant population
BackgroundPregnant women exposed to lead are at risk of suffering reproductive damages, such as miscarriage, preeclampsia, premature delivery and low birth weight. Despite that the workplace offersExpand
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Effect of acute lead treatment on coproporphyrinogen oxidase activity in HepG2 cells.
Acute toxic effects of lead were evaluated on porphyrin synthesis and coproporphyrinogen oxidase (CO) activity in an in vitro model, using HepG2 cells, a hepatoma cell line of human origin. LeadExpand
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Blood Lead Levels and Risk Factors in Pregnant Women from Durango, Mexico
ABSTRACT In this cross-sectional study the authors determined blood lead levels (BLLs) and some risk factors for lead exposure in pregnant women. Two hundred ninety-nine pregnant women receivingExpand
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Subacute intoxication with sodium nitrate induces hematological and biochemical alterations and liver injury in male Wistar rats.
Nitrate pollution has emerged as a problem of great importance because in recent years, the levels of nitrate in soil and groundwater have increased, mainly through anthropogenic activities, such asExpand
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470 Relationship of Blood Lead Levels with Total Ige in Teenagers with Environmental Exposure in Torreon Coahuila, Mexico
Background There are precedents that suggest gender differences in the relationship of lead in blood with serum total IgE. The aim of this study was to evaluate in a population of teenagers attendingExpand