Gonzalo G. de Polavieja

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Animals living in groups make movement decisions that depend, among other factors, on social interactions with other group members. Our present understanding of social rules in animal collectives is mainly based on empirical fits to observations, with less emphasis in obtaining first-principles approaches that allow their derivation. Here we show that(More)
We present a method to measure the rate of information transfer for any continuous signals of finite duration without assumptions. After testing the method with simulated responses, we measure the encoding performance of Calliphora photoreceptors. We find that especially for naturalistic stimulation the responses are nonlinear and noise is nonadditive, and(More)
At the layer of first visual synapses, information from photoreceptors is processed and transmitted towards the brain. In fly compound eye, output from photoreceptors (R1-R6) that share the same visual field is pooled and transmitted via histaminergic synapses to two classes of interneuron, large monopolar cells (LMCs) and amacrine cells (ACs). The(More)
Because of the limited processing capacity of eyes, retinal networks must adapt constantly to best present the ever changing visual world to the brain. However, we still know little about how adaptation in retinal networks shapes neural encoding of changing information. To study this question, we recorded voltage responses from photoreceptors (R1-R6) and(More)
From ants to humans, the timing of many animal behaviors comes in bursts of activity separated by long periods of inactivity. Recently, mathematical modeling has shown that simple algorithms of priority-driven behavioral choice can result in bursty behavior. To experimentally test this link between decision-making circuitry and bursty dynamics, we have(More)
  • Thomas Pietri, Angel-Carlos Roman, Nicolas Guyon, Sebastián A. Romano, Philip Washbourne, Cecilia B. Moens +2 others
  • 2013
Rett syndrome (RTT) is an X-linked neurodevelopmental disorder and one of the most common causes of mental retardation in affected girls. Other symptoms include a rapid regression of motor and cognitive skills after an apparently early normal development. Sporadic mutations in the transcription factor MECP2 has been shown to be present in more than 90% of(More)
Retinal networks must adapt constantly to best present the ever changing visual world to the brain. Here we test the hypothesis that adaptation is a result of different mechanisms at several synaptic connections within the network. In a companion paper (Part I), we showed that adaptation in the photoreceptors (R1-R6) and large monopolar cells (LMC) of the(More)
Human groups can perform extraordinary accurate estimations compared to individuals by simply using the mean, median or geometric mean of the individual estimations [Galton 1907, Surowiecki 2005, Page 2008]. However, this is true only for some tasks and in general these collective estimations show strong biases. The method fails also when allowing for(More)
Traditional techniques to stimulate neurons in Neuroscience include current injection using several protocols. In most cases, although neurons are able to react to any stimulus in the physiological range, it is difficult to assess to what extent the response is a natural output to the processing of the input or just an awkward reaction to a foreign signal.(More)