Gonzalo G. Barberá

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Gully erosion is an important soil degradation process in Mediterranean environments. Revegetation strategies for erosion control rely in most cases on the effects of the above-ground biomass on reducing water erosion rates, whereas the role of the below-ground biomass is often neglected. In a Mediterranean context, the above-ground biomass can temporally(More)
The Mar Menor is a coastal lagoon increasingly threatened by urban and agricultural pressures. The main watercourse draining into the lagoon is the Rambla del Albujón. A fortnightly campaign carried out over one annual cycle enabled us to characterize the treated urban sewage effluents and agricultural sources which contribute to the nutrient fluxes in the(More)
Silvicultural thinning usually improves the water status of remaining trees in water-limited forests. We evaluated the usefulness of a dual stable isotope approach (δ¹³C, δ¹⁸O) for comparing the physiological performance of remaining trees between forest stands subjected to two different thinning intensities (moderate versus heavy) in a 60-year-old Pinus(More)
A 5-year study of the reforestation of a semiarid Mediterranean ecosystem with Pinus halepensis is presented. Reforestation of Mediterranean semiarid ecosystems is challenging as a result of harsh environmental conditions and historical human exploitation leading to degradation. New techniques have to be developed in order to increase survivorship and(More)
Capture–mark–recapture methods are used widely for monitoring and diagnosis of bird populations as they permit robust estimates of population abundance and demographic parameters (e.g. survival) to be obtained from incomplete records of individual life histories. The statistical analysis of these data relies on the important assumption that individuals of(More)
The lack of consistency in homogeneous color throughout the season of pigmented baby leaf lettuce is a problem for growers because of the rejection of the product and consequently the economic loss. Changes in color as well as individual and total phenolic composition and content as a response to the climatic variables were studied following the analysis of(More)
The current work shows the first step in the knowledge on the health status of European storm petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus) colony inhabiting Grosa Island (Murcia, SE Spain). We performed a screening about the bacterial pathogens carried by them (among the infectious agents checked, bacteria of the orders Mollicutes and Chlamydiales, and the genera(More)
We investigated the magnitude and drivers of spatial variability in soil and plant δ(15) N across the landscape in a topographically complex semiarid ecosystem. We hypothesized that large spatial heterogeneity in water availability, soil fertility and vegetation cover would be positively linked to high local-scale variability in δ(15) N. We measured foliar(More)
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common liver disorder in Western countries, with a high prevalence, and has been shown to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD), etc. Tomato products contain several natural antioxidants, including lycopene-which has displayed a preventive effect on the development of(More)