Gonzalo Durante‐Rodríguez

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The 'Standard European Vector Architecture' database (SEVA-DB, http://seva.cnb.csic.es) was conceived as a user-friendly, web-based resource and a material clone repository to assist in the choice of optimal plasmid vectors for de-constructing and re-constructing complex prokaryotic phenotypes. The SEVA-DB adopts simple design concepts that facilitate the(More)
The evolution of transcriptional regulators through the recruitment of DNA-binding domains by enzymes is a widely held notion. However, few experimental approaches have directly addressed this hypothesis. Here we report the reconstruction of a plausible pathway for the evolution of an enzyme into a transcriptional regulator. The BzdR protein is the(More)
In this work, we explore the refactoring of the circuitry of λ phage by engineering a new-to-nature regulator that responds to an ad hoc input signal that behaves orthogonal with respect to the host cell. We tailored a chimeric regulator, termed Qλ, between the CI protein of the λ phage and the BzdR repressor from Azoarcus sp. strain CIB that responds to(More)
Fructose-1-phosphate (F1P) is the preferred effector of the catabolite repressor/activator (Cra) protein of the soil bacterium Pseudomonas putida but its ability to bind other metabolic intermediates in vivo is unclear. The Cra protein of this microorganism (Cra(PP)) was submitted to mobility shift assays with target DNA sequences (the PfruB promoter) and(More)
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