Gonzalo A. García

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The decomposition of surface electromyogram data sets (s-EMG) is studied using blind source separation techniques based on sparseness; namely independent component analysis, sparse nonnegative matrix factorization, and sparse component analysis. When applied to artificial signals we find noticeable differences of algorithm performance depending on the(More)
This article deals with the usefulness and limitations of dental identification methods of human burn victims of two buses accidents in Spain. The first accident happened in Bailen in 1996 and involved 28 badly burned Spanish victims. In the second, in Illescas in 1997, 8 Japanese and 2 Spanish victims lost their lives. In both accidents, postmortem(More)
The purpose of this preliminary work was to evaluate the effectiveness of independent component analysis (ICA) as preprocessing tool for the decomposition of electromyograms (EMG) into their constitutive elements (motor unit action potentials). An experiment was carried out with a healthy subject performing isometric contractions at different force levels.(More)
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